June 3, 2021


Starting all over

So I've done it. I made the jump to mirrorless.

At the time of this posting i would have had the Nikon Z6ii for about two months. The honeymoon phase of having a new piece of gear has started to fade and i'm a little bit more able to make a fair assessment of how it actually performs for my uses.

My main camera before this switch was the D750. So the transition to my first mirrorless camera really made me feel as though i were shooting with a really advanced cell phone because there was so much more interaction with the screen. It's not a bad thing but it was definitely something to get used to.

The Good:

  1. Its smaller and a little lighter than my other cameras which is going to make it better for really long shoot days and travelling.
  2. The autofocus is great. There's a number of modes that'll let it focus based on faces but I still prefer to make the selection myself and being able to focus on any point of the viewfinder/screen is awesome.
  3. Seeing your actual exposure while shooting is great .
  4. With the FTZ converter i can still use all of my old lenses.

The Bad:

  1. I've encountered a slight delay/blackout period when switching from using the screen to the viewfinder while shooting . It's not for a long period of time but it could definitely cost you a few valuable frames if you're working a wedding or a sports event.
  2. The process of connecting and transferring photos via WiFi is a little slower. You can fix this by choosing to download a 2 megapixel version of your image though.
  3. Sometimes the screen doesn't switch when you go from the screen to viewfinder. Usually i've been able to fix it by taking out the battery and reinserting it.
  4. The live view gets really dark if you shoot at higher apertures for studio work making it really difficult to compose.
  5. Much older lenses may encounter some issues with the converter. I use an old push/pull 80-200 2.8 lens which is unable to autofocus with the converter

Overall I've really enjoyed my time with the Nikon Z6ii.

Based on my experience thus far i can't yet recommend it for serious event photography but it'll be great for portraits and smaller events.

Check out a few pics i've taken with it